BCP Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Here at BCP Crane UK we have the solution to your lifting problems. Because we have such a wide and varied list of Electric Wire Rope Hoists to choose from it means you can get exactly the right hoist for your requirements.

Hoist Lifting Weight

We have two series M and MT ranging from 0.8 to 50 t, which means that all the bases are covered whether you are looking for light, medium or heavy lifting. Lifting capacities include; 1000 kg, 2000 kg, 2500 kg, 3200 kg, 5000 kg, 6300 kg, 8000 kg, 10000 kg, 12500 kg, 160000 kg, 20000 kg, 25000 kg, 32000 kg, 40000 kg and 50000 kg.

Lifting Speeds

Again your choices are many and varied when it comes to Metres/Minutes in lifting speed terms.

(8/2,6) (4/1,3) (4/1,25) (6/2) (5,6/1,8) (12/4) (5,6/1,8) (4/1) (6/2,6) (6/1,5) (2,5/0,6) (3/0,75) (2,5/0,4) (1,5/0,4) (2,5/0,4)

Other Options

Hook Travel, Rope Falls, Foot Mounted Hoists, Normal Headroom Hoist, Low Headroom Hoist, and Double Rail Crab Hoists the list goes on. At BCP Crane UK we offer not only great products and prices but also the service you'd expect.

Remember we offer New Cranes at Used Crane Prices, so if you have any questions as to which type of Wire Rope Hoist you need then please ring our sales team as we are happy to help.

Other Products

End Carriages and Crane Kits can be found via our Product page, but for more technical information please see our full catalogue or telephone for details.


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