BCP End Carriages

We offer top quality crane “End Carriages” for single and double girder cranes. End Carriages are crucial to enable the whole crane to travel across the total span of the bay. Situated at each end of the span the end carriages act as the wheel housing for the wheels on which the entire crane travels.

The wheels will, depending on the type of Hoist you are using, ride on top of or underneath the crane gantry beam.

Our End Carriages are manufactured for cranes of 5,000kg, 6,300kg, 10,000kg, 16,000kg, 20,000kg, 25,000kg, 30,000kg and 32,000kg. The spans range from 12 – 32 metres.

They come in standard (typically 30m/minute) and dual speed and normally operate at temperatures ranging from –20 °C to +40 °C (though it’s possible to have other working temps on request)

Double Girder End-Carriages – Bogie type

Standard Underslung End-Carriages are for spans of a maximum of 16 metres and safe loads of up to 10 ton.

The bogie type is especially useful for cramped work areas where space is at a premium.

Wheel Blocks

We use “Wheel Blocks” as an adaptable and cost reducing method to connect to your existing steelwork. This offers many different options for “Electric Overhead Traveling” cranes (EOT), gantry cranes, and are a great way of modernising your old cranes.

We offer wheel blocks in "Standard" and "Variable" speed, diameters of 160 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, and 315 mm.

Other Products

Wire Rope Hoists and Crane Kits can be found via our Product page, but for more technical information please see our full catalogue or telephone for details.

End Carriage Summary

BCP crane offer a wide range of crane end carriages that have been developed with diverse designs to offer the utmost choice and maximum operating durability.

They are designed to connect directly to crane girders or load-bearing structures and cover a wide range of load capacities and operating requirements.


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