BCP Crane Kits

Do you need everything or just some of it?

At BCP UK we can fulfil your crane requirements by supplying, assembling, installing and testing your brand new crane system. Yes that’s everything that takes you from the position of having an empty unit to a fully functioning Overhead Gantry Crane. That means a Hoist, End Carriages, Wheel Blocks, Control Panel, Steel Work, etc, etc, in essence the total package. We can do it all from start to finish.

What if you don’t need everything?

What if you have the ability to assemble and install the crane yourself? What if you already have the required gantry beams in place?

Well in that case you can take advantage of the HUGE price savings that can be made by purchasing one of our BCP Crane Kits. That way we merely supply the component parts plus full instructions and the building and assembly part of the equation become a DIY project. 

How Much Can You Save?

Well our crane kits can be tailored to your exact needs so you never have to pay for something you don’t need; this is the most economical method of upgrading your existing crane. If you have the steel beams required already then this in itself greatly reduces the shipping costs.

If your intention is merely to revamp an old crane then generally the overhead steel and crane bridge beams don’t need replacing, it’s usually things like the Electric Chain Hoists, Control Box, Cabling  and End Carriages that need to be replaced. 

Trade Enquires

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All Crane Kit Enquiries

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